What happens to your business
if something happens to one
of it's key people?

No matter how small or large your business is, it's important to consider the risks if your key people were to suffer from a medical condition, become disabled or even die. 
How would your business operate without it's director, CEO, business partner or another strategically or technically important employee? How long would it take you to find and train a replacement? What about the impact on net profit both short and long term? 

What is Key Person Insurance?

Key person insurance is designed to protect your business against the risk of either temporary or permanent loss of a key person. 
A key person is someone who is critical to the financial wellbeing of your business. They play an important role in generating the revenue for the business, and/or obtaining business loans.
The types of cover available includes:
  • Lump Sum Cover
  • Income Cover
  • Business Overheads. 
This fact-sheet gives you a quick overview of the features and benefits of each.

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