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Our financial planning process

Step 1

You or your accountant will identify that you have a need for specialised advice and will organise a meeting to introduce our services and discuss the issues to be covered.

Step 3
Merit Planning Step 3.PNG

Our expertise on financial strategies and our knowledge across a range of financial products will be put to task to find options best suited to you and your situation

Step 2

Merit Planning Step 2.PNG

We will clarify our understanding of your world and work with you and your accountant to establish clear financial goals and objectives

Step 4
Merit Planning Step 4.PNG

We will confirm our advice with you and your accountant and walk through our recommendations to ensure that you feel confident making a decision

Step 5
Merit Planning Step 5.PNG

We will assist you to implement solutions and work with other professionals that you have engaged in your planning

Step 6
Merit Planning Step 6.PNG

We'll look after your investments for an agreed time-frame and always be there for you to update your options, adjust your plans and consider the impact of new events.